This site is about all of our beliefs as well as none of our beliefs all at the same time.

All within the framework of our illusions of a time-line & a false reality, which we're all trapped inside..

This is your story .

The best thing to do as a simple rule in life would be to "Believe" in yourself and very little in everything and everyone else.

But one should "Suspect" everything that exist around you to have some truth within it.

You have to undo all the programming and undo the imagination that the others has been projecting upon your reality since birth.

Be as a child and learn to reuse that imagination and leave the others whom are hammered into matter by the law o f survival of nature 's manifestations.

The truth awaits to be discovered within that hidden part of your own creation of reality. 

As remaining on the quest might be about witnessing all the creations from your own dreams intertwined with everyone's elses dreams from the dawn of humanity until its end.. 

Remember that it is the others in the world who are constantly hammering you in to their imagination and their creation of reality. 

But alway try to remember that once you set into stone a belief then that commitment of "Believing" in someone or an idea will close your mind to any and all other possibilities. 

And in doing this you'll have committed not only your soul, but your hidden spirit as well, which your hidden spirit is like untouched. 

The unwritten & untouched part of your future imagination, which is always in motion as you're always evolving within the now/now-ing.

It's the question that are shaping the clay of your spirit costantly into your own reality that you imagined life may be or may not to be. 

To "Believe" is to end the quest.
To "Suspect" is to begin the quest.
To ask questions is the quest,
To keep an open mind is the journey,

Its best to keep an open mind and use common sense as your guide and stay on the quest here in this world as well as your journey in the next world.