I suspect it is up to us to remove the veil.

Through out this web site there will be many suggestions of what are the possibilities and it is up to you to choose. which will lead you to your own path of self-discovery.

The path or the quest depends on what books you should be reading or videos you should be watching are just suggestions to help you to spark and ignite your inner child's imagination hidden deep inside your love.

What if its your imagination that could place you upon your own hidden quest for a truth. 

There are many different meanings to the same usage of words in the english language. For an example one of those the words with different meanings is the word "Apocalypse".

One meaning I like is that the word  "Apocalypse"  is the "Removing Of the Veil", which allows me to make the decision not to live in fear of the inevitable.  

One might become awaken to free them selves by using their own imagination again. 

It’s my hope to spark your imagination just like you once used as a child.  It‘s in our imagination, which allows us all to reunite with our own private journey into the light and the love we call life.


What if the most important part of our journey is within the very questions that you and I ask that drives and allows our souls to venture into the very foundation of the timeless duality of eternity we call  life?


The “Truth” is just the truth and a truth has to be discovered by the soul   

I suspect that there isn't anyone who can be told a truth, but any truths has to be discovered from within one’s inner self just like music.

Once you have discovered even a small part of any truths then the “Spirit” will become a witness to the relationship between your truth against as well as with the absolute truth. 

And its only in that moment of ‘Now-ing” can the truth be experienced by your soul. 

What if the truth is the witness to everything and everyone's reality from the very beginning of our imagination until the end of time, because the real truth is so absolute and unchangeable.


 If you could just imagine that it is your imagination that is the gift given to you and I, which has to come into its full potential for any of us to evolve into becoming fully human. 

Imagination separates us from the animals.

And it’s in this hidden imagination, which can always be seen through the eyes of any child.

Only with this inner child's vision can you and I begin and continue the journey of seeing the world for what it really is and for what it isn’t in the same breath.

Why do we allow the world to rob us of our imagination and live within the imagination of religions and governments?

What if the world truly is an illusion?