Do you fear death? Do you fear living?

Linear time seems so impractical a state of being. To learn is a tediously slow process… and with each generation, it begins anew. A laborious cycle of empty promise. It banishes mankind to the torment of ignorance. Forever a child in the dark. How curious that nature could punish a creature so malevolently.

you are condemned to relearn pain for an eternity. How painful it must be to possess self-awareness, and consciousness as you do… trapped in a lower dimension such as you are. We exist in one single moment. One blink of instantaneity. If the cracks of time was filled man would have no place to hide.

What Then? What happens when man must wait no more? There is only one certainty for man - Death. Yet man hides from this inevitability. man desires more time to distant himself from it. However, the more time he has… The more it takes from him. Prolonging your existence comes at a cost of unknown suffering. Time determines all for men. Ironic it should be both the gift and the thief. If your trying to understand the nature of your reality doesn’t that make your world a projection rather then a perception? What is the actuality? Do you see the world as you imagine it… or are you observing what is really here? If reality is just a projection what happens when the source, When Consciousness is absent? Even with eternity of self reflection, man cannot understand the difference between actuality and illusions. With everyman born comes a new reality… all competing in perpetuity. perhaps this is why man is so perpetually at odds. So conflicted. So divided. 

The power of now, So try to relax and see that which is right in front of you.  For in the now, is the connection to everything.

Wait For it... Wait For it... NOW!!!...
An Open Mind 
Will Open Doors.