If anyone ever comes to you saying that they have the answers to life run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. 

I don’t pretend to know the answers to life, I just wanted to share what the possibilities of life may or may not be. 

So, I’m writing this to share the “What Ifs” I discovered as I searched within the hallways of life over the last 50 years. 

It's my hope to spark your own imagination by bringing that very powerful part of your child's imagination that remains within the hidden part of you back into the 'Now", which we all  need  for the quest.

Its in the "Hidden" where all things that are good awaits for us to discover  

What if the discoveries within the world  of physics is now telling us that it's the future that drives our present actions and not the past as were lead to believe.

We are borrowing all the arts of  humanities' accomplishments from the future and the past that has been written many times over.

We're just caretakers, which should remind us that we do not own the arts of creation, nor or we the creaters.

We"re  just discoverers and borrowers of all the music as well as all the arts of humanity.

 And as we borrow that eternal vibration and bring it into our present-now projection of our reality to be shared by the all 

...there are those who are unaware and are living the illusion of ownership by taking credit of a created song or arts as if they the artist has some how have some kind of an ownership as one should profit of the very arts which was only was discovered. 

The hardest idea to wrap your brain around is the reality of eternity.

Within eternity all music and the arts have already been written.

And the energy-vibration of all the songs ever written is enjoyed by so many listening and dancing to the countless melodies.

 ... these countless ears and eyes have now given the acknowledgement of the discovery of the future melodies of eternities' songs, which has already written countless of past, present and future timelessness.

 ...within these timelessness of creating and recreating can only be discovered by the past and forgotten artist. and brought into our now.

...actually finds its way to the those who are in tune to their future and bring those vibrations of humanity's arts into existence, into the our now for all of us to enjoy.

It is our memories of our past that plays and dances within our minds, which reshaped our spirit and creates chaos within the soul.

And as long as both animals and humans remain within the three dimensional  boundaries of the natural laws we will continues hammering & projecting matter upon each and every living thing.

Maybe we'll have to learn to reach out through our hidden selves, the hidden quest, as we journey through the corridors and open the doors along the way one at a time to allow our minds, to be awaken to new possibilities and probabilities. 

The possibilities that it is the quest within itself that will lift the veil of ignorence and discover the open trail of illusions hammering the 
"Self " within the motion of the "Now".

There is a different meaning of the word, "Apocalypse", which  is;
 "The Lifting of The Veil"

I suspect its within the lucid dreams of tomorrow,
                         ...we'll have the ability to use our free-will to create the dreams in the motion of now or we'll keep running and hiding from our past nightmares in which we also created by the power of  our imagination or the lack of our imagination.

  • It's our imagination that separates us from animals.
  • It's our imagination...